Wyoming Goose Hunting & Upland Waterfowl Combo Hunts


Grey Reef Wingshooting guided waterfowl hunts for…Giant Canada Geese, Spring Snow Geese, Ducks, and Upland Bird Hunts for Pheasants, Hungarian Partridge, Sharptail Grouse and Chukar.
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Location: Torrington,WY just 70miles north of Cheyenne or just 3hrs north of DIA

Spring Snow Goose Hunts
Upland Bird Hunts


Grey Reef Wingshooting in Wyoming

Duck & Goose hunting in Wyoming has become a waterfowlers sleeper destination. Why is Wyoming Goose and Duck hunting in our area so good? A simple open water system of waterfowl refuges including the North Platte River Refuge, and light waterfowl hunting pressure is one of the main reasons our bird hunting is so good. Combine those refuge systems with the fact that the majority of our ducks and geese that arrive here stay the entire winter and do not migrate any further south adds up to make for some awesome waterfowl hunting in Wyoming. Private lease properties give us the ability to hunt our heated pit blinds in the major flight patterns the ducks and geese take coming off these Wyoming waterfowl refuges. Our goose & duck hunting pit blinds are set up in a variety of good spots including fields and over water and each pit will accomidate up to 5 people plus your guide. It is here you will experience some up close and in your face, feet down Wyoming goose and duck hunting! Cupped, committed and in tight is the way we like it as you rise from the pit and volly!

Our Wyoming goose & duck hunting guides will put out and pick up decoys wherever the birds are to make sure your in the best spots. Occasionally we will hunt out of layout blinds if necessary to put you on the X, but the majority of our goose & duck hunts are done out of our heated wood pit blinds. The reason we hunt these pit blinds is for several reasons. First and foremost these pit blinds are put in the ground and taken out of the ground each season, these pits are put in fields that produce birds year in and year out and the pit blinds are like a giant wooden box that is completely enclosed so your dry and warm with a nice wood floor to walk on. Second we are very careful not to hunt a particular pit too often so the birds are not pit wary. Third we feel that a warm pit blind hunt is a superior hunt as opposed to layout blinds, why is this? First, Pit blinds are the ultimate in concealment no worries about movement because your below ground level, your warm, comfortable and able to move around and watch the ducks and geese through the pit lids. This allows you the client to watch the birds work the decoys and allows you to be totally ready to shoot in a 360degree area. These pit blinds are large and have ample room for 6 guys, dogs, heaters and all your gear.
Best time of year for ducks and geese here in Wyoming varies with weather but each year we are into the birds thick by Nov. 25th and our liberal season goes until the second week in Febuary for dark geese and late January for ducks. Get booked early as prime weekend dates go fast.
Goshen County 1pm Rule
The area we hunt has a goose hunting close time of 1pm each day of the season except on Wednesdays, Saturdays in December and Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays in January & February. This means on all other days you have from 1/2hour before sunrise to 1pm to hunt geese after 1pm goose hunting is closed.


Wyoming Goose Hunting Day Trips: see 1pm rule above
1 hunter $350
2 hunters $225/each
3 or more hunters $200/each
Maximum 5 hunters to the pit

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Upland Birds as well! We have several Wyoming bird hunting packages available below including, day trips, trips with lodging and meals, just goose hunts, and the popular upland waterfowl combo hunts. Take a second to review these trip packages and email or call us with specific questions.

Very comfortable heated pit blinds is where you’ll find yourself when you book a Wyoming Canada goose & duck hunt with Grey Reef Anglers & Wingshooting. Each pit blind comes complete with propane heaters and individual sliding pit lids for the ultimate in comfort and concealment. Your Wyoming waterfowl guide will set you up to hunt over large decoy spreads including the latest and best decoys on the market. For geese we hunt over full body Big Foot Goose decoys. Our upland bird hunts are a great compliment to our Canada goose & duck hunts. Special combo packages are available including a fly fishing/bird hunting combo. Rates include transportation to and from lodging and the field.
Torrington Hunting Lodge Packages

Waterfowl All Inclusive Lodge Package: includes lodging, meals, and guided trip, transportation, airport shuttle, the works.
1day hunting/2nights lodging $650/person
2days hunting/3nights lodging $1300/person
3days hunting/4nights lodging $1950/person
4days hunting/5nights lodging $2600/person
Prices based on double occupancy, add $350/day for single occupancy rate

Waterfowl Basic Lodge Package: includes lodging, NO meals, and guided trip.
1day hunting/2nights lodging $450/person
2days hunting/3nights lodging $900/person
3days hunting/4nights lodging $1350/person
4days hunting/5nights lodging $1800/person
Prices based on double occupancy, add $250/day for single occupancy rate

Waterfowl/Upland Combo Packages: includes lodging, meals, your hunt, transportation, the works.

1 day, 1 night lodging: $950/ person based on double occupancy

2 days hunting, 2nights lodging: $1,900/person based on double occupancy
3 days hunting, 3nights lodging: $2,850/person based on double occupancy

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