Imagine yourself in the middle of this!

The sound is deafening…. as the white tornado of snow geese decends


A heartpounding adventure that you need to experience for yourself

BOOKING NOW FOR 2014 – Hunts start Feb. 1st to April 10
Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota
Call Jason @ 307-267-2559

Snow Goose Hunting Report

Being mobile and scouting the right spots is the name of the game when it comes to being a successfull Wyoming & Nebraska snow goose guide and thats exactly what we do. We start in Kansas last week in January, we run hunts starting Feb. 25th in Nebraska/Wyoming. Join Grey Reef Wingshooting in Wyoming, and Nebraska as we move with the spring migration of snow geese. We hunt over huge snow goose decoy spreads in heated pit blinds and layout blinds. Guiding snow goose hunters requires scouting everyday and I will move at a moment’s notice if needed to put you in the best spot for success. We have secured private lease properties in the flyway that include corn fields, marsh areas and various grain fields including millet, winter wheat, and wheat stubble. Liberal limits, electric calls, and lots of fun are just a few reasons why every waterfowl hunter should experience this great spring diversion. For the 2014 Spring Snow Goose season I will be set up in Kansas starting Feb 1st through March 1st and then move into the Nebraska as the birds move north. Join in the fun and excitement on your first 2014 spring snow goose hunt! New for 2014 I will be doing a limited number of Spring Snow Goose Hunts in late March/April in South Dakota. Call for Details.


2014 Spring Migration Report

Heated Pit Blinds!

Bands & Neck Collars!


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Torrington LODGE
Snow Cover Map NOAA

If your booking a hunt with us here in Wyoming we have lodging available, call us for details, this lodge is very cozy and comfortable, sleeps 8 guests, and the price is affordable. GRA @307-267-2559
Lodging in Nebraska will be in various communities call for details.

Limits & Regulations:
WYOMING: Requires a plugged shotgun, 3 shells only, 20birds daily limit-unlimited possesion limit. $30 for non-resident licenses
NEBRASKA: un-plugged shotguns, unlimited daily limit, unlimited possesion limit. $110 for non-resident licenses.
SOUTH DAKOTA: unlimited daily, unlimited-possesion limit. $45 for non-resident licenses.

Spring Snow Goose Hunting 2014 Rates:

$350/day for singles, 2 people $225/person/day, 3 people – $200/person, 4 or more people $175/person
Package deal 3/day hunt $450/person mimimum 2 people

2014 Snow goose numbers are at record levels this year as chick survival on the tundra in most places was higher than normal. Historic numbers are still off the charts and so we have the luxury of having another Wyoming spring snow goose season. Should be a great one!


Southeastern Wyoming: On our Wyoming snow goose hunts we are hunting “staged” snow geese in Wyoming, this hunt mimics honker hunting. These snow geese are coming off refuges in the morning and hitting the fields for food. We have decoy spreads in the fields and under their flight paths coming off these roosts. Although we don’t have the numbers of snow geese Nebraska has, during the peak time here in Wyoming you can expect to have 70 to 80thousand snow geese working the valley and using various fields and roosts. This combined with fairly light hunting pressure leads to some great hunts.
Most of our Wyoming Spring Snow Goose Hunts are done out of heated wood pit blinds, occasionally we will hunt out of layout blinds when necessary.
References available upon request for Wyoming Snow Goose Hunts.

Nebraska Panhandle: On the Nebraska snow goose hunt you will be hunting “migrating” and “staged” snow geese. These migrating snow geese are birds coming through the state of Nebraska and may have been 200 miles south in Kansas or Colorado that morning and we intercept them on there way north. During the peak of the Nebraska spring migration you could see upwards of 100 thousand snow geese in a single day or more. The Nebraska snow goose hunting can be outstanding but as their are more birds there are also more hunters hunting the snow geese and they tend to be more educated. We scout out fields and bird locations everyday and move our set up if needed to put you in the best spots for success.
Lodging available 10minutes from where we are hunting! Large Game Room, Pool Table, entertainment.


Central Kansas: Our Kansas spring snow goose hunts are spectacular! We are located in north central Kansas on one of the largest staging areas for not only the light goose population but the smaller cackler Canada geese and Specklebelly geese. We start off our season in early Feb. The state of Kansas has a spring Specklebelly / Canada goose hunt from Feb 1 – Feb 10 so we definitely incorporate that into our spring snow goose hunts for the first 10 days of the month. After the dark goose season closes we break out the electronic calling machines and really go after the snows hard. The keys to our success is our ability to be mobile and move fields as the flight patterns change in the area and our high quality decoys spreads made up of 1,500 Sillosock and fully flocked full body Dakota snow goose decoys. We also incorporate 6 Vortex machines with 50 flapper decoys and 2 high quality sound machines for added success.


South Dakota: South Dakota presents a different hunt for snows than does our Nebraska or Kansas Hunts. Our South Dakota hunting is primarily focused on hunting migrating snows that are pushing hard northward. Although the weather can stop the migration and create a staged scenario we typically are hunting warm days that consist of decoying snow geese that are migrating hard and fast! This can translate to some of the best hunting of the entire season. Our crew of guides are typically moving spreads of decoys every two days or so to keep ahead of the bulk of the migration and to keep you in the best location for bird numbers.
Grey Reef Wingshooting 2014 Spring South Dakota Snow Goose Hunts from March 25th until April 25th.

Client Steve Pictured left with a 16yr old banded Ross Goose
Waterfowl Hunting Day Trips: $175/person for 4 or more people, $200/person for 3 people , $225/person for 2 people , $350/singles , Groups of 4 or more for 2 or more days of hunting are $150/person/day


WYOMING SPRING SNOW GOOSE HUNTING: Grey Reef Wingshooting hunts over sillosock decoys and the latest and best equipment in layout blinds and specialized decoys. We hunt over Jim Jones Prairie Wind Decoys and layout blinds. The amount of equipment involved with spring snow goose hunting can be overwhelming and is one reason taking a guided hunt is a great option. Let us share with you our passion and addiction of hunting snow geese!

A 6yr old Banded Ross Goose shot in Wyoming.


At Grey Reef Wingshooting we feel it’s our duty to help educate potential customers on the difference between a snow goose hunt over decoys versus jump shooting aka ground n pound. First let me set one thing straight we are not a ground n pound guide service, we are skilled in the craft of decoying and tricking snow geese into gun range OVER decoys! BUYER BEWARE many of the outfitter photos you see online with piles of hundreds of snow geese are hunts NOT performed over decoys. Most of these blood bath photos are of a group of guys who drive around all day and just sneek up on a grind of birds in a field or pond and empty their guns into the wad of snow geese before they even take off. This is what we call “ditch piggin” or “ground n pound” crews, this leads to massive numbers of crippled birds and is unethical in our opinion. FACT snow geese are some of the smartest birds you will ever hunt over decoys and thats why we love the challenge and enjoy the aspects that decoying snow geese brings. There is nothing more rewarding we feel after having from 500 to 1000 snow geese come swirling down onto the decoy spread and be fooled into gun range, the anticipation is awesome! So the next time your booking a hunt ask the outfitter what type of hunt he offers, so you know before you go.

Pay Deposit
Grey Reef Anglers requires a 50% deposit which is due at the time of the booking. If you must cancel a trip with us your deposit is refundable up to 6months before your trip date. However if you must cancel your deposit can be applied to any trip during that calandar year upon availability. Deposits are payable by check or credit card.


Gear to bring on your Snow Goose Hunt

I would suggest these as a base:

Thermals top and bottom (polypropylene) Under Armour
Pants be it blue jeans or car-harts, etc..
A heavy weight sweatshirt that has a hood
Insulated bibs (camo) over your pants
Waterfowl Parka (waterproof) over your sweatshirt
One cotton sock under, one pair wool socks over,
Boots – BRING RUBBER FIELD BOOTS – really a necessity when its wet and muddy
Warm gloves
Knit Hat (beanie)
So that’s my base set up for clothing, then here are a couple optional things to bring in case we experience some extreme cold.
SUN GLASSES are a must, shot shells-3”#2’s or 3.5″#2’s or bigger (two boxes per hunt day)


Cold weather Extras:
Upper long sleeve wool shirt
Lower heavy wool pants
Extra sweatshirt with hood
Insulated Boots

If its super cold we will take the option of hunting in the heated pit blinds.