Miracle Mile Fishing Report
Written by Jason Ostrander   
Miracle Mile Fishing Report
FongBongBrownMiracle Mile River Flows are at 2300cfs as of 4/22/2014,  right now visibility is 2-3ft,  Miracle Mile fish count electro shock report shows 3200 fish per mile down to the bridge then 1800 fish per mile from bridge to Pathfinder Reservoir.  Water Temp is 41degrees. Check out the day to day report below for more details.
midges,Try leeches, sanjuan worms, stoneflies, midges, pheasant tails, scuds, crawdads.  All on the dead drift. 
Streamers: Streamer fishing is ok to slow.
Dry Fly: zero

Float Trip Rates for Miracle Mile: $450/2people/1boat
Miracle Mile Canyon Stretch: $550/2people/1boat
Trophy Trout Trip: $650/boat

Ron's 27inch Mile Brown Trout


4/22/14 Miracle Mile is fishing slow one day and good the next, water temps are still very low, flows have been bumped up again and are around 2300 and fluctuating daily.  We floated the Canyon 2 days ago and it fished well, GRA guide Andy Brust stuck to the lower Mile stretches and did very well nymph fishing, we on the other hand took 15 trout on the streamers, some brown trout but mainly rainbows.  The spawn as usual is a couple weeks behind that of Grey Reef, so May should be lights out for fishing the Miracle Mile.

Stay tuned....

4/7/14 Mile is fishing ok right now, VERY BUSY on the weekends, kinda disappointing how much traffic there is this early at the Mile, Grey Reef seeing much less traffic.  Spawn is in full swing, lots of spawning fish, keep in mind when you wade right through a spawning bed your disturbing and destroying trout eggs.  Just something to keep in mind as we are seeing this all over the Miracle Mile, its one thing if you choose to fish spawning fish, but crushing eggs under your feet is not cool.  On another note the Mile has been good floating the river with clients, you get away from the crowds and get to fish water people can't wade fish.  If you come to our area for a 2 day trip its certainly an option to float a day at thr Mile and a day at thr Grey Reef.  Book your trip today at 307-267-2559

3/30/14 Miracle Mile is busy on the weekends right now, roads in were ok as of yesterday however we did receive 6inches of snow so roads will be interesting as it melts.  Fishing is ok at the Mile right now, nothing to really right home about yet, the Grey Reef is fishing much better for numbers for sure, but we anticipate a bump in the action at the Mile as the water warms.  There is some spawn activity now but limited to certain areas.  April float trip special includes 1day guided float trip, 2/nights basic lodging for $550/2people, that 275/person!  Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 for availability. 


3/18/14 Flush is going on now thru the end of the week, we are catching some huge rainbows and big numbers to go with it! GRA Guide Andy Brust broke out his season of guiding with an 80 fish to the net day and a 26inch rainbow landed after an epic 30 minute battle on a five weight rod.  Proof that a 5wt is just a bit light for those brutes.  The client was shaking so bad during the fighting of this fish that Andy says he was literally shaking the boat, what a cool fish and what a great story.  This trout ate one of Andy's secret big bugs he dead drifts to try to target larger trout, well he's got it figured out for sure.  If you would like to book Andy or any of our other fantastic river guides give Jason or Judi a call at 307-267-2559, March special in effect $300/boat plus $100/room for two people thru the end of March.

3/4/14 Grab a friend and get out and enjoy the nice weather!  Upper 40's today and the forcast is perfect for March fishing, Spring Flush is scheduled for last week in March for those wanting to know.  Right now we have big melt going on, little stain from Ledge Creek down but very small amount, very fishable.  Top 25 miles should be all fishable by the weekend, right now top 10 miles fishing very good.  Take advantage of our Spring March special only $300/boat, 2 people full day guided float trip, can't beat that!  Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 book today!

Andy_Brown_Mile_February2/18/14 Catching some big ones! GRA Guide Andy Brust displays a fine February Brown Trout he landed yesterday at the Miracle Mile, the Mile isn't the only tailwater fishing great the Grey Reef is also fishing quite well as olive midges are hatching daily.  If you want to satisfy that early spring fishing itch call us and book a boat right now thru March 31 for only $300, thats $150/person,  includes lunch flies and a full day on the water with any one of our fantastic fishing guides.

1/30/14 nymphs in the tailouts and big streamers continue to get the job done at the mile.  it has been pretty cold and windy the last couple of days but the fish don't seem to mind.  the bite is good for those willing to brave the cold.

1/28/14 Miracle mile is producing well with nymphs and streamers.  We really are lucky to have such a great winter fishery so close to us, and best of all, no crowds! The mile offers something for every one with great wading and boat fishing not to mention big fish.  the 2014 season is booking fast so if you have some dates in mind call soon to get them locked in. 

1/25/14 New Season Begins...Book a 2day float trip for 2 people with 3/nights lodging for $587.50/person! 

February/March day float trip special per boat $300! April thru May boats are $425. Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 and book today.

IMAG0053_111/10/13 Miracle Mile is on fire!!! We have had quite a week fishing the Mile and the Grey Reef, both tailwaters giving clients great fishing, especially for those pumpkin belly Brown Trout!

Guide Andy Brust reports back from Grey Reef with a day for the ages, two fish over 25 inches, one measuring out at 27inches, both brown trout, they had a lot of other action all told probably over 80 fish to the net!

November as advertised is still "the month" for the best fall fishing on the North Platte River, give Jason or Judi a call today and we will get you on the river catching these fall brown trout. Call today at 307-267-2559.

Jason_211/1/13 Miracle Mile fishing slows a bit for some...Had quite a few calls and emails this past week of fishermen who were out fishing the Mile without a guide, the guys that decided to fish without a guide evidently aren't catching any fish, one guy emails in and says in two days he caught 5 trout for a total! All under 15 inches. Yikes!  On the contrary the clients we have been taking to the Mile are catching some great fish, recently worked a two boat group with GRA Guide Andy Brust and we hade 3 customers that all caught personal bests on fish, all exceeding the 20inch mark, no giant ones this past week but I know that will change real soon.  Looks like the peak of the spawn is still several weeks away.  November space limited for guided float trips for the Miracle Mile Brown Trout Spawn.  Get your dates arranged now, call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

Andy_Z10/19/13 Miracle Mile Brown Trout are on the move! We have battled the past 5days with mud, rain, snow, and ice, but we have been floating clients at the Miracle Mile and the hassle of dealing with muddy roads and cold conditions has paid off!  Pictured left here is GRA client Andy with his catch of the day on Monday, two fish exceeding 24inches were caught that day.  GRA guide Jesse McGregor put client Craig on a 26inch male brown also, pics of that fish coming soon.  Then while guiding another day this week I took another orange belly Brown trout also pictured left, this fish was caught on the only cast I made that day but it was Jason1a good one.  The Brown Trout are not yet spawning but male trout are cuttin "Redds" now and are aggressively eating streamers and big nymphs.  I have only witnessed some spawn activity in certain areas on the river and the bulk of the action will take place in November, however due to the cold weather, water temps taken by myself at lunch yesterday revealed a 4.5 degree temperature drop in the past week, from 58.5 down to 54degrees, this drop certainly has these fish pushed into overdrive!  For your next Big Brown Trout Adventure hire Grey Reef Anglers, we float the "Mile" more than any outfitter and have the guides ready to put you on the big fish, call us today at 307-267-2559 and talk to Jason or Judi.

Elliots_Brown210/14/13 Clients enjoying great fishing on staging Brown Trout and big healthy Rainbows...The brown trout are for sure starting to get colored up, pictured left is Elliot on a Cast and Blast trip over the past three days, Elliot and partner Jim hunted upland birds and floated the Mile with us and as you can see the brown trout are starting to get their beautiful fall spawning colors.  Jim and Elliot landed around 30 fish and had 4 very nice brown trout to the net, Jim took his on streamers.  Streamer fishing in the mornings has been effective especially on the fast strip, as these brown trout are eating crawdads and other fish to bulk up for the spawn.  We have received a lot of rain and snow that has melted and that has all but eliminated fishing the Grey Reef except the top 4-8 miles and even then that has been blown out a lot lately, our guide service always goes the extra Mile for clients and we have several great tailwaters to float including the Miracle Mile that almost never blows out, even in this now wettest of times.  Dirty drift boats and trucks that are caked with mud don't really matter we will go were the fishing is best!  For your next float trip call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

Clancy10/10/13 Water temps starting to drop, Brown Trout in pre-spawn mode...Took several water temps yesterday while out guiding at the Miracle Mile, water temps are between 56-58degrees, hatches right now are midges, afternoon rusty caddis, fall BWO's.  Fishing for numbers has been best at the Grey Reef and when conditions have dictated we are floating the Miracle Mile as I did yesterday.  The Mile is starting to give up some decent Brown Trout.  Pictured left is Clancy from Wichita, KS who was accompanied by his father Jim on a two day trip with us, this was Clancy's first ever fly fishing try and he caught on very quickly as you can see! For hard working guides call Jason & Judi and book your next Miracle Mile or Grey Reef Float Trip, 307-267-2559.

DSC0143310/6/13 Miracle Mile float trips are great right now, for sure the best water clarity in the area and we have a lot of options.  Water temps have started to drop at the Miracle Mile and you know what that translates to...big Brown Trout on the move.

Starting to see some color on those beautiful brown trout, but the spawn won't really start rolling for several weeks, however male brown trout are increasingly aggressive and the streamer fishing is getting better!



Pictured left is Guide Andy w/Male Brown Trout starting to turn fall spawn colors..

9IMG00129-20110626-1505/12/13 Miracle Mile producing less but bigger fish than the Grey Reef...GRA guide Andy Brust was at the Mile yesterday and reports back with a 30 fish day, overall Andy said he had to work for them pretty hard and fishing was slower than normal, great news is the overall fish size was great and a bit bigger than the Grey Reef overall.  The Miracle Mile flows are low and not much hatch activity at all, so its nyphing or streamers for those fish, Andy says they landed some Brown trout that are starting to turn into spawn colors, but it will be a month or so before any actuall spawning begins, great time now though to get a staging male Brown Trout to slam a streamer! 

Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 to book your Miracle Mile float trip.

Gary_Newton_Mile9/2/13 Miracle Mile flows are steady at 500cfs...Miracle Mile float trips are doing great, not much for hatch activity right now, a few tricos in the morning and after that not much happening but the fish are eating.  Most of our guides are working both the Mile and the Grey Reef back and forth right now and the Mile although has not been producing as many numbers of fish to the net as the Grey Reef the overall size of the trout being caught are bigger right now at the Mile.  So its a trade off, go to the Mile and see fewer fish but larger overall size or get big numbers at Grey Reef but overall size a bit smaller.  Best bet is to just book two days of float trips and see both tailwaters on the same trip.  Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 for your next North Platte River Float Trip.

Jesse_Brown_Miracle_Mile_Fishing8/24/13 Miracle Mile Flows are stable and fishing is pretty darn good...we just had 3 boats at the Mile yesterday and GRA guide Jesse McGregor is out thier again today, fish are eating at all different depths, I've talked to some guides that don't work the Mile much and from the sounds of it they aren't doing to well, fact is if you don't adjust for each hole or run right now your simply not going to do as well, at these water levels hiring a guide that knows the depth of each hole and run is very important, we had a 30-40 fish day between 2 anglers yesterday but we adjusted our depth often.  Funny thing is we only switched flies once, fact is they fish were eating a hot head leach and a crawdad all day but you have to get it in front of them.  For your next Miracle Mile float call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

Summer_2011-7-27_0668/6/13 Miracle Mile flows drop again...
Flows at the Mile drop to 1000cfs, had two boats out their and the fishing was good in the morning but slower in the afternoon.  Water clarity is down a bit, about 1-2ft in most places and kinda coffee stained.  This clarity drops every year when they first drop the river at the Mile, most years the first drop doesn't take place until early September, for some reason it came early this year, most likely due to lack of water coming into the system.  I expect clarity to return at the Mile in a couple weeks.  On the brite side of things the streamer fishing has been pretty good at the Mile considering the water clarity.

vhbndg7/27/13  Mile flows drop...Fishing remains very good! Miracle Mile tailwater flows have dropped to 1800cfs and the water clarity is good.  The fishing has been quite good with clients landing average rainbows of 19-20inches and the larger fish going 23inches...some bigger fish being landed on streamers.  Our guides have found areas that fish are stacked up and very concentrated.  If your not on the exact spot your not in the fish, contrastly we are taking huge numbers of fish out of small areas within each hole.  Remember to give us a call when your looking for a guided float trip to the famous Miracle Mile, our guides work the Mile more than any outfitter in the area and your sure to get a good honest hard working guide that cares about his customers.  Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

Leon_with_Rainbow_at_Mile7/18/13 Miracle Mile dry fly fishing good right now...Just finished up the Golden Stone Hatch at the Mile we have had several 50-60 fish days all on dry flies, big dries...size 6's!  The overall majority of folks fishing without a guide are not even using dry flies right now, fact is on the stone hatch you need to know where & when to throw the big dry fly or your success will be extremely limited...its a short sweet hatch that doesn't last long but our guides are dialed in and clients are capitolizing... Pictured left is Leon from Atlanta with a respectable rainbow recently landed at the Stone Fly Hatch...Next big hatch if you want to call it that is the Hopper fishing...seeing tons of grasshoppers...good hopper fishing soon!  Call Jason or Judi and book your next Miracle Mile Float Trip 307-267-2559

Hansard_Miracle_Mile_Fishing7/16/13 Miracle Mile Golden Stone Hatch almost done...I haven't posted in a while because we have been going non-stop with trips each day.  The very coveted Golden Stone Hatch at the Miracle Mile is on the downhill now, our clients over the past 6days have experienced the Best Dry Fly Fishing the North Platte has to offer, we are averaging 50plus takes on size 6 dry flies between two clients throughout the coarse of the float trip!  It just never gets old watching a size 6 dry fly blow up on the surface because a trout just wanted the bug that bad...one of my clients had a trout eat so hard it shot the dry fly 2ft into the air and the trout still came back after missing it and devoured it again!  This hatch is short and sweet each year and some good dry action remains...give us a call and float with the most experienced Miracle Mile guide staff, call Jason or Judi 307-267-2559

Miracle_Mile_Brown_Stone_fly_dry7/5/13 Miracle Mile & Grey Reef Dry Fly Action! Right now we have both tailwaters producing good to great dry fly action. At Grey Reef today we experienced excellent dry action on PMD's and Sallies, we even had a few fish eat a cricket pattern we have been running, we caught fish on streamers dries and nymphs, best time to be here is now because your getting good action on all three techniques and lets face it any fish on a dry fly or streamer is a good fish in our book!  All our guide boats are averaging 30-40fish to the boat a day and some lucky clients are landing some monster brown trout.  Golden Stone Hatch tops it all off as we are getting great dry action on size 6 dries.

6/22/13 Miracle Mile trout are literally jumping into the boat! Just got off the river, fishing is crazy good, lights out fishing from start to finish, I took the photo below by total accident, but it might be the best accidental photo of a client with a fish!  We had 40 plus fish to the net today and had great clients to share it with and not a single other boat on the water, now that the flows are higher it has thinned all the wade fishermen out and also gotten rid of the rookie guides that don't know how to fish the bigger water, get with us and come float with the most experience guides on the North Platte River, we are ready to serve you and show you a great time!! 307-267-2559

Flying_Fish_Trout6/18/13 Miracle Mile water flows are way up making the boat fishing fantastic! I personally floated the Mile with clients Pete and Chris a father son tandom from Rawlins, Wy and the boys had a great day of catching big rainbows on the fly rod.  We had comments like "this is the best fishing day of my life" and "I caught more fish today than the past 4yrs combined".  The fact that we had over 30 trout to the net and the smallest fish was 17'' and the biggest being 23'' gives you an idea how well the Mile is fishing right now, however all these fish were caught from the drift boat, we did see many folks fishing from the banks but did't see any anglers catching fish, this is no doubt due to the high flows, wade fishing is at a minimum.  Hatch conditions: Not much hatch activity today we did see a few larger PMD's and few caddis but the recent bump in flows has the hatches, past experience has shown that the hatches will return in a couple days or so and with good dry fly action starting soon!

6/12/13 Quick note...Flows at the Miracle Mile have been bumped up a bit today, this is a welcomed site, looking at possibly 2500cfs by end of the week, but sitting right now at 1330cfs and increasing...water clarity is good, fishing excellent.

Miracle_Mile_Fly_Fish_Dry_Fly6/11/13 Miracle Mile the tail of two tapes...The Mile is fishing great!, and the Mile is fishing poor depending on what sort of fishing your doing.  What is happening right now at the Mile is really typical for this time of year, sucker spawn is on, and the trout are on the feed, had two clients who came in a day early and fished the Mile without a guide on day 1, collectively they landed 2 fish all day with a couple other hook ups, contrastly they took a guided trip the next day on the same water and out of the drift boat had over 50 trout to the net!  So why is that?  Well simply put you get a much better day with a guide, sure it costs some coin but wouldn't you rather relax, catch a boat load of fish and have a great day than sit on the shore struggling for one or two fish all day...to me its a no brainer, get a guide learn a thing or two and then fish on your own if need be.  Book your Mile float trip today!

brown76/3/13 Flows bumped up at the Mile...Water clarity is still excellent and flows have finally increased making the boat fishing even better, talked to one client last night who went wade fishing on his own and got skunked at the Mile, then he went on a guided float at the Mile with GRA guide Jesse McGregor and caught more fish than he could count...pays to hire a guide and learn a few things about a body of water.  I expect flows at the Mile to increase even more in the next week or so, but don't expect big flows like we have seen the past few seasons, these lower flows are going to make the mid summer dry fly fishing awesome!  Get on the schedule for the best dry fly action of the season.

mile_walleye6/1/13 Some other fish being landed at the Miracle Mile... Miracle Mile continues to fish good but I would say not quite as good as the Grey Reef tailwater right now, but hey some additional species of fish being landed besides trout...thats right some Walleye being landed on the fly rod as well by our clients.  Taking into consideration its that time of year for walleye to spawn as well it comes at no surprise that we are hooking into a few good walleyes.  This sort of bonus fish shows how in some cases both walleye, brown trout, and rainbow trout can co-exist in a river system. Book your Miracle Mile Trip Today! Call 307-267-2559

GOPR4383dfgMiracle Mile low and clear fishing ok...Spawning time at the Mile right now, we have been splitting time and guide trips between all stretches of the Grey Reef tailwater and the Miracle Mile tailwater, although the Mile has the name the fishing on Grey Reef is a bit better right now.  I say this because at the Mile you basically have nymph fishing that is good, streamer bite is very slow and the dry fly fishing is non-existant, contrastly the Grey Reef tailwater stretches from Grey Reef Dam all the way to Casper are fishing great with all three techniques working quite well, streamers have been producing great brown trout and rainbows, nymphing is solid and getting good afternoon dry fly fishing on BWO's.  Another nice aspect of the Grey Reef is the private water, the Mile is all public and although this is appealing it produces big crowds on the weekends, these crowds will disappear as soon as flows are increased and wading becomes difficult and the spawn subsides.  Boat fishing the Miracle Mile has been the best route to take as this gets you totally away from people that can't access certain waters without a boat.  To book your Miracle Mile Wyoming float trip call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

Bill_at_the_Mile5/21/13 Miracle Mile guided float trips going very well...worked the Miracle Mile stretch 3 of the last 4 days, fishing was real good yesterday as return client Doug Benson landed some nice trout over 20inches and a bunch of 18-19inch trout.  Flows have been bumped up again and are at 1090cfs, the water is very clear, some good bwo hatches coming off and the trout are on the feed.  We had some recent rain but it had zero effect on water clarity at the Mile.  Pictured left is customer Bill being guided by Jesse, congrats to Bill on his 26inch Rainbow caught and released.   We have guide boats for the Miracle Mile available give Jason or Judi a call at 307-267-2559 and come float the best tailwater in the country with the guides that spend the most time of anyone on the "Mile".

Kelly_Brown_25/15/13 Congrats to Kelly (left) on a nice brown trout today!  Kelly and husband Dave from Santa Cruz floated the lower river with me and we had a stellar day, trout ate streamers regularly and of course the nymph fishing was lights out.  Moss is coming up fast but had zero effect on fishing, hope the flows come up soon, we are at 950cfs on Grey Reef and the water clarity is as good as I've seen in years.  Remember folks we are only 4hrs north of Denver  and we have private North Platte River Lodging available and private boat ramps to keep you away from any crowds, solitude and great fly fishing with the most experienced guides on the river hands down.  Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

5/13/13 Your chance for landing a trophy trout on one of our float trips is right now, water clarity is the best I've seen in years, and the trout are chasing streamers quite well on certain stretches and the overall fishing has been fantastic.  Not to mention we've been getting fish to eat the dry fly consistently on the cloudy afternoons on BWO's.  Plan your trip today, just 4 hrs north of Denver, lodging available call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 or click the contact button at the top and email us. 

5/9/13 Miracle Mile fishing great for boaters, not so good for wade fishermen...Water clarity at the Mile might be the clearest I have seen it in over 10 years, which is driving fish deep during the high sunny periods of the day.  What this means is we are having great success out of the drift boats with clients but the wade fishermen are struggling on there own, I was eating lunch in one spot with clients while we watched 7 fishermen on there own fish for about 45minutes, not even one hookup among them.  Contrastly we are boating 30-40fish daily with the boats and the fish average is 19inches.  Congrats to client Bill McMurray on a 27inch male cuttbow landed and released with guide Jesse McGregor.  Availability: 2 boats for Sat May 11, 1 boat May 12, 13.  Call us today as these boats wont last 307-267-2559.

NFTd037d5/6/13 Miracle Mile water low and clear. Water clarity at the Mile on the sunny days might be as much as 10+feet, guide Andy Brust reports back with great fishing but had to go long and deep during the bright no wind days in order to reach the trout that were sucked tight to the bottom.  Lots of wade fishermen at the Mile now, hopefully they turn the water up real soon, this would open things up a bit.  The spawn at the Mile is in full swing, we are catching some nice brown trout feeding below spawning rainbows. 

4/22/13  Mile fished slow in the a.m. today but the afternoon was awesome! Had 3 boats at the Mile today and the fishing was a bit slow to start but once the BWO's started to hatch the lower Mile turned on big time, we had a lot of fun site fishing to one particular Brown Trout that was eventually caught and landed by Miles from Ft. Collins, CO.  Miles and Doug had a great day and got to float some water at the Miracle Mile they had never seen before, both are Miracle Mile veterans of 10 plus years but we were able to show them a thing or two about the famous Miracle Mile.  The river at the Mile now stretches at least 10 miles long and the fish are just barely starting to spawn.  Water temps in the morning were 38degrees but on the lower by days end in the low 40's.  Forecast for this week looks fantastic, mid 60's!!!!  To book your Miracle Mile float trip call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 or hit the contact button and email us.

4/18/13 Weekend weather looks great highs mid 50's Friday, Saturday, Sunday... Water clarity right now is awesome at the Grey Reef and Miracle Mile, the stain from last weeks storm is gone and the water all the way to Casper is very clear.  There is some ice in town but forecast in the 50's all weekend so its going to warm up nice and the melt will be slow enough to keep water clarity good.  Check out this video from a float trip we did at the Miracle Mile the day after the last big snow storm, weather was awesome, always seem to get these type of days after the big snows, calm sunny and warm.  Fishing was outstanding, Jim pictured here had 30+trout to the net both days. Call Jason or Judi for your next Grey Reef/Miracle Mile Float Trip 307-267-2559.

April 12, 2013 GRA client feedback: Jason, Brad and I wanted to thank you and Andy for such a great day on 4/12/2013. I think we put up a 100+ fish day. So many fish! Who could count? I've previously taken around 5 float trips and Andy was the best guide I've had yet. A true professional. Calmly put up with me whacking him once with a rig. Knew every spot on the water with fish. Rowed back so many times to hit a hot run; Well above and beyond. Andy--thanks for the exceptional job. see you next year! Give us a call 307-267-2559

GOPR0027134/10/13 Grey Reef & Miracle Mile both fishing great right now...Just got back from the Miracle Mile, and had an interesting day, the weather was cool but very calm until about 2pm then the snow began again, pictured left is a nice buck rainbow we landed and released in the morning hours...shortly after this we start getting drilled by the snow storm.  Funny thing was we had fantastic fishing despite the weather...our guides including myself will and often do fish in ALL weather conditions, wind, no wind, cold, freezing, snow...doesn't matter to us...we thrive in these conditions and at times look forward to bad weather because it drives all the people away and we have the entire river to ourselves!  This buck rainbow was over the 24inch mark but what was really remarkable was how deep this fish was top of back to belly, he was so thick it made him look short...more pictures to come.  Get with us and get your spring trophy trout trip booked, space is limited, but we do have some openings in April...call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

NFTd037d4/1/13 Miracle Mile...Our guides have been enjoying very clear water conditions at the Miracle Mile recently, might be the clearest I've seen the Mile.  The clear water is great but if you can't cast very far it is making it more difficult wade fishing and from the boat casting distances further than 20ft seem to be producing more fish.  There isn't any sign of any real spawn activity yet.  However we are seeing real good numbers of fish being landed by our clients and the clear water is making the fishing that much more fun.  Roads out to the Mile are ruff to say the least, over the top not yet open, too much snow, checked and snow pack conditions are 79% for upper north platte river drainage.  For your next Miracle Mile Trip call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

IMAG05323/25/13 Flush has river cleaned out and fishing is awesome right now... Guide Andy Brust got Grey Reef Anglers client Tom aka Marv onto this 27inch brown trout this past week...Andy reports back from the river and says the water clarity has returned to normal and fishing is lights out!  Andy has been out fishing or guiding for the past month straight and has the pulse of the river.  We have guides that are dedicated fly fishermen who's passion is putting people on great fishing days, combine that with the two great fisheries we guide on and your ready for a fly fishing trip of a lifetime. If your ready and got that spring itch give Jason or Judi a call and book your next Grey Reef Miracle Mile Adventure 307-267-2559 or email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3/6/13 Clients catching a lot of great fish right now...I have to say the weather is great for March and the fishing is good to great depending on the day...I have to brag up on our guides a bit, they are coming out of the gates this season swinging...this was a feedback email from one of our trips over the weekend.

Dear Jason,  A quick note to let you know how much Kaylee and I enjoyed today’s trip. I have fished with many guides and Jesse stands out as one of the best. His professionalism, knowledge of the fish/river, and, passion for fishing was far above expectations - at no time did we feel this was just a business transaction, it was an excellent fishing trip plain and simple. However, the way he respected my daughter as a fisherman and took her seriously really stood out. We would fish with him anytime.  Today’s trip is the second I have taken with Grey Reef Anglers and you have our business. My daughter is already talking about a trophy trip like Dad and I took last fall. We’ll be in touch. Thanks again, Dane

2/26/13 Well snow arrived in a big way...its gonna be a bit before anybody gets out to the Mile as we have 3-6ft drifts out here at the lodge, so in the meantime enjoy this brand new Trout TV video shot on location at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile with Grey Reef Anglers.  This show was shot June last year that focuses mainly on Streamer fishing, it takes a bit for the action to pick up but once it does its just one fish after another and the show ends with a real bang, enjoy!  Get your Miracle Mile float trips booked soon so you can get the prime dates lock up, call Jason at 307-267-2559


2/22/13 Miracle Mile is fishing great, pre-spawn period produces big trout...Well its February and yes we are doing trips this time of year, in fact the sunny days have been quite nice and not too cold.  Today we got a few flurries early but gave way to sunshine and then some snow showers late, no wind at all today, a real blessing.  So why fish this time of year?? My reasons consist of big pre-spawn hen rainbows that haven't seen any fishing pressure and are typically easier to land in the cooler water.  I'm talking big! Trout 5lbs and above, the type of fish in the summer that rips line off your reel and is difficult to land on the fly...the reason you see so many big trout landed this time of year is the water is just cold enough that when you hook that fish of a lifetime you have a real good shot at landing him...Call Jason or judi at 307-267-2559 to book your trip today.

Clark_Miracle_Mile_21/28/13 Get your Miracle Mile float trips booked soon as we are filling up fast for the 2013 season.  Give Jason or Judi a call and we would love to help you put together a great fly fishing vacation here in Wyoming. Call 307-267-2559 or email us.

11/22/12 HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Yesterday again two browns over 24inches...My clients Clark and Noah of Ft. Collins, CO had a great day on the water, both guys broke the 24inch mark on big brown trout and the fishing was fantastic, we had close to 75 trout to the net between two guys.  Clark pictured left here with his 24.5inch male brown also hooked a brown trout that was in excess of 30inches.  Both Noah and I witnessed the fish while it was hooked up on Clarks line but like a lot of big trout it ripped out and came unhooked.  All of our hearts sank but hey anyday you get 24inchers to the net its a great day!  This string of trout over 24inches will most likely continue well into December and our guides can put you on them.  We have mutiple guides with by far the most experience on the Miracle Mile and it shows in the success our clients are having.  Book your trip today and call 307-267-2559 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

David_Potter_Brown_Trout11/19/12 World Class Brown Trout being caught daily with Grey Reef Anglers...Our guides continue to put clients on fish of a lifetime during the annual Brown Trout run here on the North Platte River.  Congrats to Greg with a 25inch Brown Trout, Randy of Brush Colorado with a 24inch Brown and a 25 inch Brown Trout in the same day, and the bread winner is David Potter with a 28inch brown trout.  All these bruisers are male Brown Trout CAUGHT AND RELEASED!  This stretch of great fly fishing will continue well into December and we have the hardy guides that will take you out no matter what weather conditions are.  This past week and into the weekend our guides experienced temperature ranges from just a few degrees above 0 to 62degrees and sunny!  To book your trip today call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

Grey_Reef_Anglers11/17/12 It just happened again...another client lands another brown trout over 25inches! This time it was Randy from Brush, CO who was the recipient of a trophy class day on the water.  Randy landed a 24inch Brown and a 25inch Brown on the same day.  Randy was a class act to fish with and had some real respect for the quality of the trout we were catching.  Couldn't have happened to a nicer person, congrats Randy!  Today was bright and sunny, fish were not caught in huge numbers today but we certainly had the size taken care of early.  Give us a call and book your trip today Jason or Judi 307-267-2559

Doug_B_Mile_Brown11/12/12 Brown Trout just keep coming in everyday now... To say the fly fishing right now is great is a huge understatement.  Today client Doug Benson of Castle Pines, CO had 30 plus trout to the net and got his hands on several world class Brown Trout while floating with our crew at the Miracle Mile.  The trout are in frenzy mode with the colder weather and dropping water temps every fish in the river is trying to pack on weight before winter sets in.  We had warmer temps on the water yesterday and this weeks forecast looks awesome for fishing.  Most of our floats right now are taking place at the Mile But we are still doing a few trips below Grey reef for clients wanting to see both tailwaters.  For your next float trip call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or simply click the contact button at the upper right side of the page.

Brian_L._Brownt_Trout11/11/12 Weather COLD! BUT FISHING IS RED HOT!! Today the high temp at the Mile was 19degrees, but when we took the boats out of the water the temp was 2 degrees!  However you really couldn't tell because the fishing was so good it kept both guides and clients busy all day.  Pictured here is first time client Brian from Pennsylvania.  Brian had a great day with well over 30 trout hooked up and landed numerous trout in the 19-22 inch range including this very colorful Brown Trout.  Still quite a few hardy fly fishermen out but we had the river to ourselves as we were the only guide boats out.  Despite the cold temps the scenery today was awesome with snow covering all the trees, made for some great pictures.  Rain, Snow, or Shine Grey Reef Anglers will put you on the trout, for your late fall and early winter float trips on the North Platte Grey Reef, Miracle Mile call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559.

Gary_Newton_Mile11/9/12 Miracle Mile spawn is on...Brown trout and Rainbows hitting good. Just got off the Mile and floated with client Gary Newton.  Gary had about 30 or so fish to the net on the day and one nice brown trout pictured left here.  Gary finished 3 days of fishing with us here and said its by far the best trout fishery he has ever experienced, thats saying something because Gary takes about 20 or so guide trips a year on tons of different waters across the entire United States.  The Mile is very busy with fishermen bur floating has been great because there isn't anyone floating and we pretty much have the water to ourselves.  I expect conditions to be great for fishing for the next several weeks as the Browns continue their spawn.

brwncard32511/6/12 Float Trips Continue here at Grey Reef and Miracle Mile… Get a lot of calls daily with folks asking if the river is fishable and if we are doing float trips?  Fact is this is one of the best months of the entire season to be here and fly fish with us!  Brown Trout are starting to spawn, water temps are dropping and fish are hammering everything in sight in preparation for the winter months ahead.  Yesterday Guide Jesse McGregor had client Gary Newton in his boat.  Gary fly fishes all over the country and does 20 plus guided trips a year and he says yesterday’s fishing with Jesse was the best day he has ever had with a guide period.  Gary says they had over 70 hookups and 40 plus fish to the net, for one person!  Yikes that’s about as good as it gets.  The Grey Reef is low clear and at times a bit weedy but improving daily.  Miracle Mile is low clear and not ver weedy at all, BUT the Mile has been extremely busy with fishermen, in contrast yesterday Jesse and Gary didn’t see another boat all day floating from Grey Reef Dam to Grey Reef Anglers Lodge, the solitude is amazing.

Ed_with_brown_trout10/30/11 Big brown trout are on the move...we have boats available get here while the weather lasts. Yet another trip on the water with nice big colorful brown trout being landed in the net.  This time its Ed Marcarelli from New York with a couple real nice male brown trout.  Ed spent two days with us and had a day at the Grey Reef with guide Luke and then 1 day at the Miracle Mile with Guide Jason.  Both days were productive on midges, pheasant tails, vanilla buggers, hot head leeches, crawdads, and rock worms.  We have boats available now with a cancellation from the east coast Hurricane Sandy.  Trophy Trout Fishing, Cast and Blast, and Upland Hunting all available in November.  Call us today and book your fall Brown Trout float trip, 307-267-2559.

Rod_with_Brown10/28/12 Fishing continues to be excellent...Brown Trout begin Fall spawn in some areas. Fall fishing in 2012 might be the best fall fishing season in the 10 plus years I have been guiding the Grey Reef and Miracle Mile.  Water clarity is great, the upper 8 miles at Grey Reef is in fact quite weedy but fishing is good.  The lower Grey Reef has little to no weeds and the dry fly and streamer action has been lights out.  Brown Trout have in fact started to move into some areas that indicates the spawn is starting.  Water Temps at Grey Reef are 54-56degrees depending on the stretch of water your on and the Miracle Mile is holding at 52-53 constant.  The Brown Trout are getting some color as the picture left shows Rod from Kentucky with us on a float trip yesterday.  We have guides available for both float trips, wingshooting trips, and Cast and Blast options that combine fly fishing and great wing shooting.  Call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 and Book your Fall adventure Today!

Andy_Client_Bow10/20/12 It really doesn't get much better than right now...Our fly fishing is outstanding right now, and the weather has been and looks to continue to be very nice and warm for October.  All of our guides are having success on all stretches of the Grey Reef and Miracle Mile right now.  Still getting good dry fly action in the afternoons and some great size of fish being landed each day on the water!  Water temps at Grey Reef still in the mid 50's during the day.  Brown trout spawn still a couple weeks out, but some fish being spotted in suspect areas so it won't be long.  Take advantage of the great weather, our private access, and our exceptional guides call and book your fall float trip today, contact Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

Matt_Smith_Brown10/2/12 Guide Andy Brust and Client Matt Smith Score another big brown trout at the Miracle Mile... Matt from Billings Montana just completed a Cast & Blast Trip with us and ended his trip with a 24inch brown trout pictured left.  The big brown trout are coming in daily and even better is the fact that all the guides are having 40-50 fish days with two clients!!

To book your Miracle Mile Float Trip call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

25inch_brown_trout_Hooly9/27/12 Guide Hooly Henson has 50+fish day with a single client!! Hooly just got off the river and reports back with awesome numbers of trout to the net today.  All the guides are enjoying very clear water conditions, good solid streamer action and just a bunch of quality trout to the net!  Fall is one of the best times ever for a float trip, call us today at 307-267-2559

9/29/12 Another BIG BROWN CAUGHT!! Guide Hooly displays a beautiful brown trout just caught with the Schorger Group.  This brown taped out at over 25inches and was over 9lbs on the hand scale.  Just another reason you need to get here and grab one of our guides and float the Grey Reef.  For your next trip call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

DSC014339/23/12  Clients are experiencing great fall fishing, flows are back to normal. Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Flows are back down to 500cfs and the fishing is fantastic.  Yesterday the boys were up at the Mile, several 20 plus inch fish landed by the Schueller Group, Guide Andy reports back with several very nice brown trout to the net, including this 24 inch brown that is already colored up for the fall spawn a bit early.  We will keep you posted on spawn activity for both Grey Reef and Miracle Mile.  We have zero boats available for the remainder of September but we do have slots open in October, and don’t forget November the best fall fishing month by far!

For your next float trip call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

9/14/12 Miracle Mile fishes great the past few days! Our guides are reporting back and the Mile continues to be most of the guides choice for floating and fishing right now.  The boys have been hammering big fish all the way to the reservoir on large patterns like crawdads, leeches, worms, fall caddis, and streamers.  No activity on the brown trout spawn, this won't happen until lateer into the fall, we will keep you posted.  Call Jason or Judi to get you next float trip on the Miracle Mile at 307-267-2559.

liyhio9/6/12 Miracle Mile continues the trend as the place to fish right now for the best action on bigger fish. Guide Jesse McGregor reportsed back yesterday from the "Mile" and says fishing was excellent yesterday.  Jesse was doing a request trip from past clients from Texas.  The weeds at the Mile are not as bad as Grey Reef and the float fishing has been excellent.  Jesse has been the guide for the Miracle Mile as of late spending the majority of his trip on this tailwater, he says you can't pull him off the Mile as its his favorite for big trout this time of year.  Clients are coming back excited and really enjoy the much more scenic float at the Miracle Mile, add the scenery to the size of fish being caught and you have the makings of a great day on the water.  To book your next float call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559

Brett_Hoyt_Group8/18/12 Miracle Mile stretch of the North Platte River fishing report...we have had guides and boats at the Mile all week and mixed reports coming back, thursday I floated the Canyon stretch, streamer fishing was non-existant, but as soon as we started nymph fishing with caddis and scuds we atarted catching fish right away, a couple nice brown trout.  On Friday we did a split float and ended the day at the Mile, Hoyt Group did well with trout eating early and then slowing a bit by days end, each day has ben different on what patterns are working best but we got fish to eat scuds, cranefly larva, san-juan worms, and crawdad patterns.  Get your next trip on the books for fall now as we have limited availability especially in late September, almost no days left open for any of our guides.  Call Jason or Judi 307-267-2559 

mhgjkb8/13/12 Miracle Mile Fishing Report...Our clients and guides are coming back with good to great reports from the Miracle Mile.  Some days excellent and some days just average, one constant has been the size of the fish being caught, most going 2-3lbs and measuring 18-22inches.  We have had several fish over the 25inch mark make it to the net these last few weeks and that trend continues.  Yesterday guide Jesse and clients witnessed a 10+lb brown trout shoot completely out of the water chasing minnows, they tried their luck with streamers but couldn't get the bruiser to committ.  One thing is for certain, some true trophy sized trout are being landed and we expect this to continue. 

Catch_and_Release_Wild_Brown_Trout8/10/12 Lets just say it may have been hard but this sort of trophy trout pictured here should always be released for someone else to enjoy, especially when we have too many trout being taken out of the Miracle Mile as it is.  Remember replica fish mounts are great and you have the thought that that fish you released today might be a trophy next year.  Practice Catch and Release, its the best for everyone.




A released 28inch brown trout has a chance to be 30inches next year!


Two_Bothers_Double_Streamers8/9/12 Two Bothers land a double on streamers... The picture left is of two brothers Brent & Brian clients from Breckenridge, CO.  Both brothers hooked up these two nice rainbows on big articulated crawdad streamers just below our lodge on the Grey Reef.  Streamer fishing has been good, big fish being landed left and right, we got guides going every which direction and everyone is coming back with big smiles on thier faces, I feel we have the best guides anywhere, no contest, but I have to admit I'm a bit bias.  These guides work hard, have fun, and really enjoy showing people a great time on the river, oh yea and they put people on tons of fish!  Thanks to Luke, Jesse, Hooly, Ryan, Andy, you guys rock!


8/1/12 TJ lands 28inch Brown Trout!...Well lightning struck again today for our guide crew, pictured left here is TJ with a 28inch male brown trout landed and carefully released, TJ is 14 years old and today on a guided fly fishing trip with his dad, Wade and Brother Dustin and good friend Al.  TJ was being guided by one of our guides Jesse McGregor and on the very first cast of the day hooked up with this monster brown trout.  To the testament of both guide and angler the big brown gave up a great fight, nearly 5 minutes of running around the river before Jesse safely netted this 28incher!  It was TJ's second day ever fly fishing and landed this fish on a 5wt rod with 2X tippet.  At first glance I guessed the trout to be 26inches but his girth was so big the fish looked shorter than it was and when the tape measure came out it measured 28inches, wow!  CONGRATS TO TJ AND JESSE on a fish of a lifetime!  To book your next float trip call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

trout_mile_27/30/12 Miracle Mile...Our guides continue to do very well at the "Mile" with great trout being taken on a variety of flies.  Flows are low for this time of year and the fishing is by far best from the boats as these trout seek out deeper and faster water, float trip availability call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559.

7/25/12 Fire is OUT...Our Guides are back floating the Mile today...This picture of Chad Zechial a client of ours from Colorado was taken this morning the 25th, the fire is out and we are back floating the mile as of today, Guide Hooly put Chad on this nice rainbow to start her day and the fishing when I left was pretty darn good for both boats we have up thier.  The water clarity is a bit merky but clears up the further down river you go.  We continue to take large trout on leeches, scuds, tricos, pheasant tails, princes, rock worms, and sanjuans.  Get out  and enjoy the great weather! 

Miracle_Mile_Fire7/24/12 On Fire at the Miracle Mile...the fly fishing isn't the only hot item at the Miracle Mile right now, the fire that has been burning for several days now has consumed the west half of the Miracle Mile mountains, Guide Jesse McGregor and client Jim were evacuated off the water late in the day, major efforts underway to get fire under control.  This in no way will have any effect on the fishing, in fact the fishing is quite good right now, we hope to resume trips to the Mile tommorow.  Keep ya posted on how the fishing is and how much containment has been done to the fire.

IMG00210-20110712-11577/20/12 Few Tricos coming off... in the morning hours at the Miracle Mile right now we have Tricos hatching, our clients continue to have stellar days floating the Miracle Mile, the latest group from Layfayette, Colorado enjoyed a day filled with big trout eating all day long.  Client Randy and John both had fish that reached the 23inch mark and Randy had one very nice brown trout to the net.  Guide Jesse said he had one client that hooked and nearly landed a brown trout that exceeded 10lbs, too bad the bruiser came unhooked just short of the net.

Jesse_Brown_Miracle_Mile_Fishing7/16/12 Grey Reef water drops, water even clearer, Miracle Mile produces big browns… Water levels have settled a bit, slight drop at Grey Reef from 3500cfs to 3000cfs and the Miracle Mile flows have come down from 2000cfs to 1000cfs.  What does all that mean for the fly fishing, well the Grey Reef water clarity actually got better and consequently the streamer action is fantastic right now.  The Miracle Mile water level drop has made the dry fly action better as there is more slack water and the trout are surely looking up in certain areas.  Guide Jesse McGregor pictured left here with a recent brown trout his client landed is a great example of the quality of trout being caught by our guests.  Water temps at the Mile are in the mid 50’s and the Grey Reef seeing some low 60’s, thankfully we are situated behind these dams and we have really nice cold water for these trout as many other not so fortunate fish have.  As reports of drought and high water temps grip the west, my suggestion is you concentrate your efforts behind these great tail water fisheries.  To book your next Grey Reef or Miracle Mile float trip call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559.

Miracle_Mile_001dtgf7/11/12 Miracle Mile & Grey Reef stretches continue to produce big trout... Pictured left is Bill from North Carolina with a very nice rainbow he landed yesterday with us while on a guided float trip on the Miracle Mile.  The fishing has continued to be excellent across the board, with good early morning dry fly fishing, then some big fish being caught during the heat of the day on nymphs.  We have been experiencing all day dry fly fishing when we get some cloudy days, Jesse one our guides has spent a lot of days only floating short stretches of river because the dry fly action has been so good.  This is a great time of year to be fishing because you can catch trout on dries, streamers and nymphs each day on the water with our guides.  To book your next North Platte River adventure call 307-267-2559 and talk to Jason or Judi

7/5/12 Dry Fly Fishing remains excellent...Overall fishing is great right now, so many options on where and when and how you want to fish.  We have two stretches of river right now that have been excellent for dry flies, and another section that has been consistently producing big trout on streamers.  We have veteran river guides ready to show you a great time, call 307-267-2559 and book your trip today.

Dry_Fly_Paradise7/2/12 Dry Fly fishing everywhere! Guided clients and fished dries all day at Grey Reef Yesterday, PMD's, Sallies, Hot weather but water temps in high 50's.  Also have a couple slots open for our Miracle Mile Canyon Run on the Giant Golden Stone Hatch.  Our Guide Ryan Stefek had 40 plus dry fly takes yesterday between two clients, and it was one clients first ever dry fly experience!  Get here asap we have lodging, private access, and the guides who know where and when the BEST dry fly fishing is.  Call or email today the Golden Stones will only last another 10-14days.  Book with Grey Reef Anglers 307-267-2559 Jason or Judi.

rainbow_on_the_crawdad6/25/12 Hatches pick up steam with added heat...To say its been hot is a slight understatement, we have been beating the heat with early start times and wet wading when possible to cool down from these mid 90degree days.  Hatches are starting to really pick up, yellow sallies strong on the lower river, with caddis driving fish to the surface for some great dry fly action!  We did a day light to dark run yesterday and had mixed success.  As you can imagine things were real good in the morning, landed 5 brown trout all on streamers, then added this big 23 inch rainbow pictured left on the nymph rig, this fish ate a crawdad pattern deep, the late evening streamer bite was off but then again we had trout rising to dry flies everywhere, but my clients wanted to stick it out and chuck the big streamers and try for that trophy instead, good for you guys! However we could have caught a large number of fish on dries, we will be back tonight to get them.  Overall fishing at both the Miracle Mile and the Grey Reef are good to excellent.  For your next float trip call Jason or Judy at 307-267-2559

brown_trout_on_streamers6/22/12 Miracle Mile producing great float trips...Our clients are experiencing banner days at the Mile right now, big numbers of big fish all out of the drift boat or our new NRS raft.  We had an excellent day with great nymph fishing up in the canyon and one big brown trout on the streamer yesterday.  Our guides are dialed in at the Mile for sure, producing lots of healthy rainbows with the big brown trout as a bonus.  Grey Reef Anglers does more trips than anyone at the Miracle Mile and it shows with clients coming back from the Mile with huge smiles and lots of great stories about thier day on the water.  Our guides are fishing the Mile the way it should be experinced, from a drift boat, and are able to reach fish that anglers on the bank simply cannot.  To book your Miarcle Mile Float Trip call Jason or Judi at 307-267-2559.

grey_reef_brown_trout_streamers6/16/12 Dries, Streamers, Nymphs are all producing...I love this time of the year at the Grey Reef as you have so many techniques that work well for putting clients on trout.  Yesterday I floated from our Grey Reef Lodge downstream to Bessemer Bridge, didn't see a single boat the entire day, my clients just got off the San Juan River where you see 20boats upstream and down the entire day, well NOT here, it’s a case of fantastic fly fishing and supreme solitude.  All of our guides are experiencing good fishing but the lower Grey Reef has been offering up big brown trout on streamers, we got two of those big boys yesterday as Tony Hansard from Texas had his hand at some hard fighting trout chasing the streamers right up to the boat!  We also have been taking trout on dries as well as the nymphing rigs.  Great Caddis hatch on the lower river last night as we took trout on dries right out the back door of our lodge.  Call Jason or Judi to book your float trip today, remember we have lodging overlooking the North Platte River along with Private Access and Private Boat Ramps.  Call 307-267-2559

brown76/12/12 Trout TV on ABC...just finished a two day TV shoot with the boys from Trout TV, a special thanks to Rich and Bob for all the hard work they put in, and thanks Rich for letting me catch a few fish as well.  Grey Reef Anglers will be seen on Trout TV in February, we had several big trout taken on the streamer, including a big male brown trout Rich caught at the Miracle Mile, I will post air dates as we get closer...

Locklaven_Brown_Miracle_Mile6/2/12 Miracle Mile fishing great with very clear water and stable fows...We just finished two more great days at the Miracle Mile with clients, the trout are eating and the hatch activity has been great, lots of bugs and it's kept the trout active all day.  We also have been hooking and landing some massive carp on the fly as well.  Our guides are finding the fish stacked up in the runs and once they get the spots marked they have been getting doubles regularly.  My clients have been really enjoying the combination of getting to float the Miracle Mile as well as the Grey Reef during thier fly fishing vacation here in the Casper area.  NOTE: Trout TV is coming to Casper to shoot a show with us on Streamer Fishing the North Platte River at Grey Reef & Miracle Mile, we are hosting a dinner party at the Lodge, meet and greet the host, and eat some great food the night of June 12th.  If your interested in attending or want to booka float trip please call Jason or Judi @307-267-2559

Miracle_Mile_Scud5/16/12 Miracle Mile/Grey Reef Combo Trips…Trout are off the spawn and moving. The fishing has been great, both at the “Mile” and Grey Reef have been fishing excellent, the trout are done spawning but now it’s the sucker spawn that is in full swing.  We pumped trout stomachs yesterday and everyone had sucker eggs in them.  Also we have had some sporadic Yellow Sally activity on the lower Grey Reef.  STREAMER bite has been very good on all sections especially if you’re using the right colors, moving a lot of fish!  I was at the Miracle Mile yesterday and Robbin one of my clients pictured left here caught several rainbows like this all from the drift boat.  We caught fish on bow river buggers, crawdads, leeches, bwo’s, and red midge larva.  The trout have no doubt come off the spawn and moved into much less fished waters, I’m noticing a lot of guides and regular fishermen struggling to catch fish…remember trout move to slower water after the spawn to recuperate from much energy spent.  Our guides and myself have been very busy, boats out every day, all having great success, we have some availability during weekdays but no open weekends until June 2,3.  Give us a call and get your dates nailed down for June, remember June is our PMD and Yellow Sally month and some good dry fly action takes place.  Call Jason or Judi @ 307-267-2559

Miarcle_Mile_Ryan_25/8/12 Grey Reef and Miracle Mile Tailwater Float Trips… All of our trips are going great, guides Jesse, Hooly, Luke, and Ryan just got off the river and all 4 boats having great success on both the upper river Saturday, and lower river Sunday and Monday.  Monday was especially nice as we enjoyed the entire lower river at Grey Reef to ourselves, didn’t see a single boat all day!  The Grey Reef flows have settled out at 1750cfs, that influx has put off some of the blue wing hatches but still a strong morning midge hatch.  The trout our guides are putting clients on are real healthy coming off the spawn and we are in that transition period where most if not all the fish are done spawning and moving into areas of the river with less current to recover from energy spent on the spawn.  Our guides are finding fish very spread out in all Miracle_Mile_Ryan_1water types and the mini rig is becoming very effective for certain types of water.  This picture left was of a nice trout landed and released Friday by guide Ryan, he and his clients enjoyed a great day floating the Mile Friday.  Trout are eating a true mixed bag of things right now including, scuds, midges, caddis larva, bwo’s, even a few sally nymphs showing up in the fish pumps.   Give us a call at 307-267-2559 and line up your combination Grey Reef / Miracle Mile float trip.

5/2/12 Flows bumped up at Reef and Freemont Canyon...Flows went up yesterday at the Reef to 800cfs and Freemont went to 500cfs.  The Grey Reef water clarity remains excellent but Freemont might be a couple days clearing out as we had a guide fishing Freemont yesterday and when the flows came up the water clarity went to chocolate milk, however this should be cleared out quickly.  Fishing the Mile and Grey Reef remains excellent with our clients having spectacular days!

Grey_Reef_Anglers_Chuck_34/29/12 North Platte River produces another great day…all of this weekend’s trips went awesome with clients across the board having tremendous days on the water.  Hooly who guided for us on the upper Grey Reef today just got off the river and says it was a big fish day for sure, her clients who fish the San Juan and Green River were very impressed with the Grey Reef’s trout size and overall numbers of healthy clean fish it has to offer.  We did have one very big disappointment on Friday as my clients and I hit the lower Grey Reef for a day dominated by big fish on streamers, the downside was big winds and Chuck from VA lost a brown trout of a lifetime that came unhooked at the boat, the big brown was in excess of 30inches, sorry Chuck better luck next time on the big brown trout.  Saturday Chuck got a crack at big fish with a guided trip from us to the Miracle Mile, this time Chuck and partner Tyler had the upper hand on big fish as both fellas landed very respectable rainbows, the biggest being this big male rainbow that Chuck landed, this fish measured in just under 25inches!  Congrats Chuck…too bad you lost the big one the day before, but I would take that rainbow for a consolation prize any day!

GOPR4383dfg4/20/12 Mile fished lights out again, water flows are down a bit...to 1400cfs. We got a lot of fish eating midges and blue wings as well as many eating leech patterns of various colors.  Water is very clear and when its real sunny the fish seam to be a bit spooky, just a heads up for all those guys that just plunge right into a run up to thier waiste before mowing the grass. 




Today we had clients in from Calgary, Canada, Ian was impressed with overall fish size in a big way, as he put it he has had 40 fish days and he has had big fish days, but today he had a 40 big fish day!  Keep us in mind for your next float trip as we are truly the only outfitter that works the Mile on a regular basis.


Another great Miracle Mile Rainbow.

MiracleMileKenBrown34/17/12 The Miracle Mile was truly Miraculous Today…Floated the upper Miracle Mile today and it fished great. Flows look to be up just a touch maybe 2500 or so, this made the boating even better with more room to navigate the river. We had a big fish day, my clients Brent and Brian both brothers landed more trout over 20inches than under! The trout were on the feed heavy right out of the gate as both clients doubled up in the first whole, both fish over 20inches. Big fish of the day was 22inches but Brian had a fish on that was around 25inches but as many big fish do it made a sudden run and broke his 2X tippet, better luck next time Brian. I rarely fish with clients but at days end decided to cast a streamer rig and to my delight landed a 21inch walleye, icing on the cake after a fantastic float trip on the Miracle Mile.

trophy_trout14/9/12 Grey Reef is on fire! Fishing right now is un-believable, our clients are enjoying really nice weather, like May weather, and having awesome fishing days on the Grey Reef.  My client today Paul from Las Vegas, NV had a real big numbers day and caught some good quality trout.
Get here now....


Paul pictured left here displaying a nice trout he caught today on a size 18 bwo emerger.  NO WIND the entire day!
As an intermediate level fishermen Paul landed over 35 trout today!

MileMaleBuckBow4/5/12 Floated the Miracle Mile today and the fishing was great. Caught a lot of rainbows, only a few smaller browns made it to the net today.  My clients caught fish on hot head leeches, midges, bwo emergers, san juans, and pinners all under the indicator.  We did throw some streamers for a bit but no takers.  Water clarity is great and very few people fishing, we literally were the only boat out there, its so nice to have a river entirely to yourself!


Brown_head23/27/12  We fished the Miracle Mile today, river clarity was great, the trout were a bit sluggish when hooked up but had some decent fighters.  Most of the fish we caught were in slower deeper winter type water, not many fish up on the shelfs, good mid day midge hatch, I only noticed one small spot with a few male rainbows starting there spawning activity bulding the beds, but overall little to no spawn going on yet, that will change soon.  It was a nice sunny warm day and realized it was the least amount of snow I have seen on the Miracle Mile Mountains ever for this time of year, amazingly dry.

3/26/12 Miracle Mile flows have been increased to just over 2000cfs, fish have really moved into shallow water, especially on the edges of the big holes. Taking into consideration the temps being higher than normal we are seeing some spawn activity already but only males bulding bowls, all the females we have been catching are in the slower deeper water.  Get with us and we will float you at the famous Miracle Mile and Grey Reef on the same weekend or two consecutive weekdays.  Call us anytime 307-267-2559

2/22/12 Fishing on the Grey Reef has been consistent with some great days especially when cloudy, if weather isn't a concern for you then we have some great pre-spawn float trips going on right now.  Contact us @ 307-267-2559 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Chad_Rainbow22/22/11  When Is the Best time to fish Grey Reef/Miracle Mile? That’s a question we hear a lot from perspective clients, and the answer is whenever you get the opportunity, in fact we are doing trips now and the fishing has been good.  At GRA we are blessed with awesome fishing guides and they are able to put you on trout year round on the Grey Reef & Miracle Mile.  The question I always ask clients is what type of weather do you like to fly fish in?  The answer to that question will often determine the time of season you want to book your float trip.  The fact is if weather isn’t a factor to you and your prepared for whatever weather conditions might exist then get here now and experience the river all to yourself.  Take a second and take a look at what I use as a general guideline for our season, then you decide what time is best to come fish the North Platte River.

March - May
By far the best overall time of year for numbers of trout to the net.  Unpredictable weather, but who cares when your catching that many trophy trout!

June - August
Weather is much nicer and dry fly fishing is great, especially the hoppers & stoneflies!
Great time for huge trout on streamers as well.  This time of year produces more huge brown trout than any other time period.

The forgotten season that produces huge fish and again big numbers of trout like in the spring.  The big attraction of coarse is the brown trout spawning and the great streamer action as a result.

coldbow2/8/12 Grey Reef Anglers April Lodging Update. Spring lodge dates are filling quickly, have two prime spots open they are April  7,8 - up to 6 guests and April 14,15 - up to 4 guests.  Day trips available upon request.  Go to our Contact Page to send us an email or call 307-267-2559.

February/March Float Trips -
watch the weather pick your day we have guides ready and available for our special early bird day float trips for the Grey Reef and Miracle Mile.

Early Bird Float Trip Special - $300/two people, $275/single Offer good from February 1 - March 31, 2012. Includes Private Access, Lunch, Flies, Rods if needed, basically show up and we can outfit you if needed.  Comes out to $150/person for a full day guided trip, can't beat that.

Miracle_Mile_Fishing_Trout1/10/12 North Platte River Water May Be Released Early. Bureau of Reclamation Officials are considering releasing water from the reservoirs upstream of Casper as early as February. An article in the Casper Newspaper explains... link to article.
What does this mean for fishing and how will it affect our season? This is potentially a good thing as it would limit the likelihood of experiencing the same off-the record flows we had last year and could make the flows on the North Platte at Grey Reef much more consistent for the season.  Consistent is just what "trout" respond to in our tail waters.  The more consistent the flows remain the better the fishing tends to be, when flows on the North Platte are drastically changed this tends to slow the fishing down with the exception of our fall drop which typically creates some amazing streamer fishing.  If water is released early I am hopeful that flows will at least remain down so the river stays inside its banks, which is good for everyone.  We will keep you posted as river conditions change throughout the season.

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